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CLGE releases the final report on Marine Cadastre

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Dear CLGE Delegates and Readers,

The five leading European organizations dealing with Cadastre, Land Registry, Mapping and Surveying issues (CLGE, ELRA, EULIS, Eurogeographics, PCC), are at the pleasant position to present you the final deliverable of our first common project after the signing of our Common Vision in 2012 (previous version, for archives).

in June 2014 in Athens, Greece we decided to join our forces to collectively better understand the Marine Cadastre concept and its role, motivated by the endorsement of the 2014/89 Directive for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) from the European Parliament on 17 April 2014 as a cornerstone of the Commission's Blue Growth strategy and of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy.

Given the current conjuncture of the transposition of MSP Directive to the domestic legal systems of EU Member States according to Article 15 of Directive i.e. 18 September 2016, we are happy to announce you the strong link between Marine Cadastre and Maritime Spatial Planning:  Marine Cadastre provides the most important underpinning data sources to enable MSP implementation, while yet it provides publicity and legal certainty in the marine environment to reduce conflicts on the overlapping rights, interests and responsibilities. Therefore Marine Cadastre can facilitate decisively the process of MSP. Overall, the preliminary study demonstrated the potential and the need of applying land administration techniques in the marine environment and their benefits in terms of guaranteeing and securing the Member States’ interests from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

The authors hope you will find this report, within the context of its orienting character, informative and useful with regard to your current or future responsibilities and national interests and we look forward to your feedback as well as any specific interest for a potential follow up project. Having regarded though that some of the EU States are landlocked whereas the marine environment may not fall on your competence according to the national provisions, we would kindly ask you to forward further this report to any competent national authority.


If you have any questions, please contact

Next steps will be discussed soon within our organizations. Here you find a possible follow-up.

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