September 2009

Welcome to the September 2009 issue of CLGE e-Newsletter, which brings you the latest information about CLGE activities and related topics. The e-Newsletter is circulated by email and published on the CLGE web site where it can also be downloaded. The e-Newsletter is also intended to cover interesting international and national news items and information about forthcoming events.

CLGE GA meeting in Rome adopts the Code of Conduct for European Surveyors

CLGE General Assembly at its September meeting in Rome adopted the Code of Conduct for European Surveyors. CLGE, currently uniting 31 European countries, recommends that the Code of Conduct for European Surveyors is adopted at national level, especially across countries belonging to the European Union. The Code of Conduct was officially signed by the President of CLGE Henning Elmstroem, President of GE Alain Gaudet and President of CNG Fausto Savoldi. The code can be downloaded from CLGE web site.


Major Presentations in Rome

Two major presentations were given to the CLGE General Assembly in Rome. Prof Dr Martin Henssler gave a paper on his study of the European legislation as it impacts the surveyor, and Prof Frances Plimmer presented the Code of Conduct. Both papers are available at

Croatia and Russia join CLGE

The CLGE General Assembly in Rome, also saw the accession of Croatia and the Russian Federation as incoming Principal Members. CLGE now unites 31 countries. Detail information on CLGE members can be found

First European Students gathering at InterGEO 2009

On the 22nd September 2009, several coaches from all over Europe, packed with students in geodetic engineering, arrived in Karlsruhe to take part in the First European Students gathering organised by CLGE and DVW. This CLGE Youth Event attracted 200 students from 7 European countries.

The idea is to repeat this Students meeting every three years. The next gathering will be in Hannover between 9 and 11 October, during the Intergeo Fair. The aim is bringing together at least 500 students from about 15 countries … An ambitious goal but we have three years from now on.

CLGE Launches FirstSTEP: the Students & Trainees Exchange Programme

FirstSTEP: CLGE’s Students & Trainees Exchange Programme was first launched at the CLGE General Assembly in Rome and also presented at InterGEO 2009 in Karlsruhe at the First European Students gathering. This programme provides students and trainees with an opportunity to discover the geodetic practice within different European countries whilst also gaining experience in their field of study, past or present. CLGE acts as a bridge between the working world and the academic world enabling companies to post a notice of any vacancies, and for students to post a short application. FirstSTEP is a meeting point for students and trainees that are in search of work and for companies that are in search of students and/or trainees.

For further information visit or email us on [email protected].

CEPLIS elected two new Vice-presidents

The General Assembly of the European Council of the Liberal Professions (CEPLIS) has adopted, at its meeting in Malta an amendment to the Statutes increasing the number of Vice-presidents (from two to four) in order to ensure the representation of all professional families (Law, Health, Engineering) at the level of the Presidium. Following this decision, the Executive Board has elected two new Vice-presidents: the President of Unión Professional (UP-Spain), Mr CARLOS CARNICER DÍEZ, and the Representative (and past President) of the European Council of Engineer Chambers (ECEC), Mr RUDOLF KOLBE. Read news on CEPLIS web site. As you might know, Rudolf Kolbe is also Vice President of CLGE.

EuroGeographics GA on 20-23 September in Vilnius

CLGE were invited to the EuroGeographics General Assembly held in Vilnius, Lithuania between 20 and 23 September 2009. Rob Mahoney CLGE Vice President represented CLGE. Full details can be found on

Forthcoming events

ESRI European User Conference (EUC) 09 on 14 – 16 October in Vilnius, Lithuania

This is one of the largest, most exciting and comprehensive GIS events to take place in Europe. The 24th EUC will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The EUC is dedicated to users throughout Europe, giving them the chance to come together to learn about geographic information system (GIS) solutions and how to leverage their current GIS technology investments.

Visit the conference website on


Second European Surveyors’ Conference in Bucharest 6-9 May 2010

The second European Surveyors’ Conference will take place in Rumanian’s capital city Bucharest on 6-9 May 2010. The first conference in Strasburg was a big success and this tradition will continue. The conference is organised by CLGE in cooperation with the Rumanian national professional association. Do not miss this important event for the European surveyors’ community.

CLGE General Assembly meeting will be held on the same dates.

Follow news on CLGE web site.


National News

Switzerland. The partnership programme

The – the programme for partnership of the Confederation, cantons, municipalities and national associations in management and sharing geographical information – is well on track. The consensual approach and the largely favourable welcome given to the Geoinformation Act (GA), which entered into force on 1 July 2008, constitutes a solid foundation for the Swiss NGDI.

Rene Sonney reports from Switzerland. Report published on CLGE web site.


France. France/Québec sign a mutual recognition agreement

France (OGE) and Québec (OAGQ) signed a mutual recognition agreement on 9 June 2009 in the French city of Nantes. This agreement will enable surveyors from both countries to settle more easily in France or Québec. 11 other regulated professions (doctors, lawyers, engineers, midwives…) have already signed or are about to sign such an agreement.

Bénédicte Fournier reports from France (in French language). Report published on CLGE web site.


Bulgaria. The metro extension project in Sofia

Mark R.Wijngaarde with his Bulgarian colleague and CLGE delegate Ivan Andreev took the opportunity to go underground to visit the development of the metro extension project under the centre of Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Mark R.Wijngaarde reports from the Bulgaria. Report published on CLGE web site.


Lithuania. The cadastral survey’ processing web service for private and public surveyors

The Lithuanian State Enterprise Centre of Registers (SECR), the organization responsible for the operation of Lithuanian Land Cadastre, has launched a new light-weight ArcGIS Server Web browser application GeoMatininkas (Geo Surveyor) which enables private and public surveyors to process cadastral measurements, prepare cadastral files and store them directly on the central cadastral database.

Saulius Milevicius reports from Lithuania. Report published on CLGE web site.