Swiss Technology

Dedicated to Innovation

imgTo ensure our instruments meet the highest precision and quality demands, we manufacture them in state-of-the-art facilities around the world, where Swiss Technology is combined with exceptional craftsmanship.

Specialists work every day to shape the world we live in. They produce surveys, create plans, draw maps, build roads, construct buildings and manufacture products that enhance our quality of life. Their work depends on precise, accurate measurements. Whenever data has to be exact, customers can rely on Leica Geosystems and Swiss Technology.

We are proud of our history. It has enabled us to build research & development centers and production facilities on four continents, establish branches in 22 countries and create a global network of distributors. “Swiss Technology by Leica Geosystems” represents precision, reliability, quality and sustainability; values that are intrinsic to our company world wide.Development and production are based on these values; our values are our obligations – world wide.

Swiss Technology - Quality builds Trust

Our customers can place their trust in Leica Geosystems as a company, trust our integrated hardware and software solutions, our accurate, precise, reliable measurements and our efficient service and support network. Regardless of where in the world our instruments are developed and produced – they are manufactured with Swiss Technology, wide ranging expertise and a global understanding of the needs and requirements of our customers.

Top Quality Technology by Tradition

Leica Geosystems is one of the world’s leading providers of modern surveying solutions. Quality is not only our aspiration but our obligation. It is the result of over 200 years of tradition and of constant innovations based on intensive research. Our internal quality standards ISO9001:2008, assure our customers that each product, wherever it is manufactured, meets the highest quality requirements.

The courage to be innovative, trust in research & development and the experience of our dedicated employees create values that we live daily in each of our branches – world wide. That is why Leica Geosystems represents the highest technology and quality.

Equally important is our commitment to treating our employees appropriately and to using our resources, procedures and processes properly. In our opinion, treating the environment with respect means supporting, maintaining and shaping it in a sustainable and responsible way. With our ISO 14001 certification, we have committed ourselves to meeting the world’s most stringent environmental standards.

Wherever Leica Geosystems is situated, Swiss values are lived up to – in all areas – world wide – guaranteed.