Our third Ambassador endorses the CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest 2024

In January 2024 we launched the 12th Edition of our annual CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest.

We are continuing to widely promote the Contest to reach every aspiring young surveyor and encourage them to take part and complete their application to enter this year’s Contest. Our goal is to engage young surveyors right across Europe and introduce them to CLGE’s activities. To help us get the message out and achieve this goal we are cooperating with previous winners of the Contest who are willing to act as Ambassadors.

Asnate Egle is our third Ambassador this year who encourages young surveyors to participate in the 2024 Contest. Last year she was the one of our finalists in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree category with her Bachelor’s thesis ‘GIS solutions for road display and management‘ undertaken at the Department of Geomatics at Riga Technical University, Latvia. And now Asnate is happy to share her experience with us, “Participating in the CLGE YSC has been an amazing experience for me. It gave me an opportunity to present my research to an international jury, which provided valuable feedback and insights. My journey in the YSC has given me more confidence in the importance of my work and inspired me to continue it in further studies. The YSC offers a fantastic platform to share your ideas and solutions and get recognised in the field! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!”.

In addition, she wants to highlight the importance of the INTERGEO fair: “Attending INTERGEO, one of the leading events in the geomatics field, allowed me to connect with industry professionals and organisations, and broaden my perspective on topics relevant to my everyday work.”.

Usually, May and June are the time for presentations at universities to defend student theses. CLGE advise you to visit universities to find out the latest research in the industry and technology. And at the same time to promote CLGE YSC amongst students.

Click here for full details of the rules of the CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest and how to enter.

The social media hashtag is #CLGEYoungSurveyorsContest

If you have any concerns about who can apply, which topic is eligible, or any other questions on the Contest then please just drop us a line at [email protected]. We wish all our applicants good luck.


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