CLGE launches a tender about the implementation of a Dynamic Professional Knowledge Base (DPKB).

CLGE intends to build a dynamic knowledge base with relevant information about the profession of Geodetic Surveyors in all 34 CLGE member countries (for details on the project please see the enclosed project description).

For the implementation of the project we are looking for a partner / service provider with enthusiasm for the project, some understanding about the profession and the necessary expertise:

– to implement such a database,

– to define the final structure and details of the content in all categories of the database,

– to carry out a survey of already existing reference documents and to validate this information,

– to define a system to collect necessary information from CLGE member organisations,

– to prepare the content for a first online version of the database.

If this is a project that is interesting for you / your institution / your company we would be happy to receive your reply with

– a short description about your approach and ideas concerning the implementation of the project,

– your background and,

– a provisional estimation of costs (including a separate price for the prototype).


Please send your answers not later than15 September 2011 (and possible questions whenever you want) to our Vice-President in charge: [email protected].


Jean-Yves Pirlot President


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