Welcome to CLGE IG PARLS (Interest Group of Publicly Appointed and Regulated Liberal Surveyors)

We are a group of European Private Surveyors working in countries where the state delegates specific roles and responsibilities to the profession.

The interest group PARLS (Publicly Appointed and Regulated Liberal Surveyors) has emerged from the former « Geometer Europas » founded in the 1990ties. We are indeed uniting the European Private Surveyors working in countries where the state delegates specific roles and responsibilities to the profession. Our group is part of the European Council of Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) and is therefore based in Brussels, in the House of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation.

So, IG-PARLS particularly represents the interests of liberal surveyors within CLGE, who are entrusted with public missions in the field of property guarantee by their country of origin, as employers or entrepreneurs due to their high qualifications as defined by the “Accord Multilatéral” (Multilateral Accord). These liberal surveyors assume personal responsibility and liability and economic independence. Our goals are to promote the system of the independent surveyor working as a public officer or appointed by the public authority. This public-private partnership exists for many years in certain member countries of IG PARLS. Others are working to obtain this model as soon as possible.

Surveyors commissioned to perform public functions are thus known in a number of countries, members of the IG PARLS:

  • in Austria as Ingenieurkonsulent für Vermessungswesen
  • in Belgium as Géomètre-Expert / Landmeter- Expert
  • in Bulgaria as Chartered Geodetic Engineer
  • in Croatia as Chartered Geodetic Engineer
  • in Denmark as Praktiserende Landinspektører
  • in France as Géomètre-Expert
  • in Germany as Öffentlich bestellter Vermessungsingenieur
  • in Luxembourg as Géomètre-Officiel
  • in Switzerland as Patentierter Ingenieurgeometer/ Ingénieur géomètre breveté

Spain has created a section IG-PARLS-ES and has the status of observing member.

We are present each time a national association requests it, for instance to present the existing solutions for the management of the in rem juridicam in the member countries or concerning our efforts aimed at the optimization of the services in this area and the increase of the tasks entrusted to the surveyor. We also try to make our voice heard at European level.

CLGE / GE Agreement – Integration of both organizations

A Collaboration Agreement was signed between CLGE and Geometer Europas (GE) at the CLGE General Assembly in Rome in April 1997. Co-operation and joint projects include:

  • Market Analysis Report
  • Assurance of Quality Report
  • Lobbying actions at European level
  • Investigating the feasibility and viability of a common operational Secretariat.

In Vilnius, the common Executive Board meeting of June 2007, decided to study further steps to improve the integration of both organisations.

In Varna, in September 2010, Geometer Europas was integrated into CLGE asbl, the “new” Belgian Non Profit Organization under Belgian Law. Geometer Europas’ name is changed into IG-PARLS (Interest Group of Publicly Appointed and Regulated Liberal Surveyors).

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