CLGE membership comprises two categories: Principal Members and Observing Members. CLGE can also award individuals with Honorary Membership.

As at April 2024 CLGE has 38 Principal Members and three Observing Members.

Levels of Membership

Principal Members

  • Association or National Liaison Group that represents the majority of the geodetic surveying profession in any European country
  • Only one membership per state is permitted
  • Have one vote at General Assemblies cast by their leading delegate

Observing Members

  • Observer status is permitted from any European country, normally during the application procedure
  • The General Assembly may bestow observer status on:
    • associations representing a group of geodetic surveyors, or
    • an individual geodetic surveyor, or
    • European Institutions
  • Observers may attend a General Assembly meeting but they do not have a vote.

Honorary Members

  • Honorary membership is awarded to an individual to acknowledge exceptional service to CLGE
  • Honorary Membership is awarded by the General Assembly following a recommendation from the Executive Board.

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