Qualification Requirements

Qualifications include:

  • an appropriate degree (Master)
  • specialist knowledge of property and administrative law, practical experience.

The use of technological advances such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), together with political and economic processes mean that this is a dynamic profession. The Publicly Appointed and Regulated Surveyor’s qualifications and experience must reflect this continuing development.

Each country in Europe has different professional standards and qualifications within which the Publicly Appointed and Regulated Surveyor must work. Areas of responsibility may include:

  • land surveying
  • cadastral surveying and cadastral maintenance
  • certification of existing land and real estate property relationships
  • provision of expert opinions in matters of surveying
  • appraisal of real estate properties
  • compilation and management of geodetic data
  • planning and construction planning
  • land management/regional planning in urban and rural areas.

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