The second CLGE Students Contest Awards

Edition 2013: The second CLGE Students contest has successfully been implemented. 

This year, the jury has proposed to award prizes in the three categories. The General Assembly in Chisinau, 3 – 4 October 2013 has confirmed.

After announcing the contest in October 2012, 10 papers, all with high quality, were received in the three categories, within the deadline 5th of August 2013.

  • The winners in the categories  “Geodesy and Topography” as well as “GIS, Mapping and Cadaster” will receive their awards in Essen, October 8th, in connection with INTERGEO.
  • The winner in the category “Students and Youngsters Engagement”  will receive the award during the 1st FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting in Lisbon, October 17-18


Below you may find the participants’ papers

Students were invited to send in papers in three categories:

    • Geodesy and Topography
    • GIS, Mapping, and Cadastre
    • Students and Youngsters engagement

TRIMBLE and ESRI have supported the Students contest.


The winner in category “Geodesy, Topography”

Simulations of VLBI Observations with the ONSALA Twin Telescope. Caroline Schönberger (AT)


The winner in category “GIS, Mapping and Cadaster”

3d Model Of Lugo’s Roman Walls (Galicia-Spain) Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Unmanned Aerial VehicleAlicia Cañizares (ES)

The winner in category “Students and Youngsters Engagement”

Joining European Forces – “Nothing About Us Without Us”. Paula Dijkstra and Eva-Maria Unger (NL AT)


Other Participants (Alphabetical Order)

Comparison of integrated GPS-IMU aided by map matching and stand-alone GPS aided by map matching for urban and suburban areas.

Yashar Balazadegan  (SE) Category “Geodesy&Topography”

Visualization of a SWEPOS Coordinate Analysis. Axel Viking Bronder (SE) Category “Geodesy&Topography”

Modeling CroSAR satellite mission for monitoring the main seismic active areas in the Republic of Croatia. Martina Idžanović (HR) Category “Geodesy&Topography”

Terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry used for monitoring mass movements occuring in the high-mountain area Magdalena Szymańska (PL) Category “Geodesy&Topography”

Using GIS to face related to spatial and social inequality – a case study, capacity issues of preschools in Ghent, BelgiumKoos Fransen, (BE) Category “GIS, Mapping and Cadaster”

Ulyxes automatic deformation monitoring system. Daniel Mokar (HU) Category “GIS, Mapping, and Cadaster”

Using laser scanners for cave mapping. Bálint Molnár (HU) Category “GIS, Mapping and Cadaster”



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