Breaking news, additional support for CLGE’s Students’ Contest 2014

Dear Colleagues and Friends, dear Young Surveyors and Students, Breaking news: Trimble has increased its commitment for the CLGE Students’ Contest and the 2nd FIGYSEN meeting in Berlin. We will be able to improve the CLGE students’ Contest since we will invite the best authors to Berlin. They will be asked to present their paper during the 2nd FIGYSEN meeting in Berlin on 7 October 2014. CLGE will reimburse their flight and hotel costs. This is another improvement of our Contest and another reason to take part. On top of the 3 normal prizes, the audience will appoint the best presenter, for a fourth prize. The four prizes will be awarded during INTERGEO on 8 October 2014. Please, invite your contacts, students (for prizes 1 to 3 + 4) and young surveyors (for prizes 3 to 4) to take part in the contest. The whole can only work with your commitment and your efforts to motivate potential participants. Deadline for the papers 4th August 2014!!! Find the rules here and … good luck!


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