CLGE welcomes the launch of the IPMS for offices

CLGE plays a major role within a worldwide coalition for transparency in Real Estate Transactions The, initiative started by CLGE in 2009 and unanimously adopted in Tallinn in 2011 has had a fantastic effect on the whole real estate sector, at a worldwide level. Our idea of developing a European Real Estate Area Label has found global support and leads to incredible achievement. In order to get the required guidelines for European Professionals, the pre-existing euREAL will be adapted to fully comply with IPMS. Says Maurice Barbieri, CLGE President: “With the launch of IPMS for offices, we make a huge step forward in the direction of a world standard. Such initiatives are very beneficial for all regulated professions and especially for us surveyors, the specialist in measurement and property guarantee. We strongly encourage the IPMS-Coalition to stick to the goal of developing one single code applicable for all types of buildings. This is the only way to create real transparency”. Read our full press release and CLGE’s reaction to the exposure draft.


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