CLGE students contest 2016

The fifth CLGE Students contest has successfully been implemented. The jury has decided to award prizes in three categories. After announcing the contest, 9 papers, all with high quality, was received in these three categories within the deadline 8th of August 2016. This is 1 paper more than in the previous Year. • The winners will receive their awards in Hamburg, October 11th, in connection with INTERGEO. Below you may find the participants’ papers Students were invited to send in papers in three categories: • Geodesy and Topography • GIS, Mapping and Cadastre • Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus TRIMBLE , ESRI  ans GSA have supported the Students contest. Winner in category “Geodesy and Topography” REVERSE ENGINEERING OFFICIAL CROATIAN GEOID MODEL USING COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR DATUM TRANSFORMATION AND PYTHON Viktor Mihoković, Luka Zalović, Franka Grubišić (CROATIA) Winner in category “GIS, Mapping and Cadastre” COASTAL AREA MAPPING USING SENTINEL-2 IMAGERY Linda Toča (LATVIA) Winner in category “Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus” RELATIVE POSITIONING WITH GALILEO E5 ALTBOC CODE MEASUREMENTS Cécile Deprez (BELGIUM) Runner-up in category “Geodesy, Topography” 3D VIRTUAL RECONSTRUCTION AND APPROXIMATE SYMMETRY DETECTION OF SEWU TEMPLE Diandra Arinita, Arnadi Murtiyoso (GERMANY / FRANCE) DEFORMATION ANALYSIS OF HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT Marko Savić, Alija Žutić (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA) DEFORMATION MONITORING SYSTEM FOR BUILDING RECTIFICATION Paweł Wiącek (POLAND) Runner-up in category “GIS, Mapping and Cadastre” LAND VALUE MAPS AS AN INSTRUMENT SUPPORTING LAND MANAGEMENT Agata Firlej (POLAND) Runner-up in category “Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus” SIMULATION OF GEOMETRIC DISTORTIONS IN SATELLITE RADAR IMAGES BASED IN MATLAB Richard Czikhardt (SLOVAKIA) INVESTIGATION OF IONOSPHERIC TEC VARIATIONS OVER BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA USING GPS DATA AND OPEN-SOURCE SOFTWARE Randa Natras (BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA)


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