Common Vision Conference, the results!

CLGE well represented during the Common Vision Conference uniting us with ELRA, EULIS, EuroGeographics, PCC. The full report of the Common Vision Conference is available now. CLGE was well represented during this event with many participants and a well-received presentation by Vice President Nicolas Smith about the French Marine Cadaster. The whole Marine Cadaster project was presented by our Greek Colleague Evangelia Bala. Maurice Barbieri, CLGE President chaired a session. Everybody was very pleased by the organization of the Conference and this heralds an interesting FIG working week to come, FIG 2020 in Amsterdam. CLGE wants definitely to play a major role in this FIG WW too. Barbieri says: “Tremendous what our Dutch Colleagues did during the CVC2016. We are happy that we’ve participated in this success and are looking forward to collaborating again”.


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