Carl Ritter von Ghega is the new Surveyor of the Year

Due to weather conditions, the World Bank was closed on 21 March 2018. However, the planned celebration of the Global Surveyors Day was held as planned, because … there is no bad weather for a Surveyor! The reception took place in the State Plaza Hotel, Washington D.C., from 17.30 – 20.00. CLGE has organized this event, together with NSPS, the American National Society of Professional Surveyors, under the Auspices of FIG. Dietrich Kollenprat (AT) and Julian Ismaili (AL) have unveiled the European Surveyor of the Year 2018. Carl Ritter von Ghega. The poster will be uploaded soon, but her you see it in the hands of Chryssy Potisou, FIG President. Maurice Barbieri, Nicolas Smith, James Kavanagh, Jean-Yves Pirlot and Vladimir Krupa gave a presentation about the topics to be discussed in the round table. You can find more information on the website of the World Bank, in particular about the Round Table and the CLGE Sustainable Fit for Purpose approach.


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