CLGE and COP 26


In 2009, CLGE started to compensate its activities in cooperation with

Not only our flights are since then considered, but all other carbon emission created by our meetings.

The first move is to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and with the current pandemic, we understood that many of our meetings could take place online or at least in a hybrid mode.

But we also acknowledge that the human contacts remain vital for associations such as ours.

Critics might think that this action of CLGE is a drop in the ocean. We are of course aware of this, however we have another goal on our roadmap: inviting other organisations to adopt the same policy.

For this purpose, we reach out towards our Members, but also to kindred organisations.

During the COP26 meeting, we are happy to announce that EUROGI has recently decided to join our initiative. Together we have the ambition to generate a snowball effect and create virtual carbon sink! Who will be next to join us? Interested to know more? Please contact our Secretary General here.


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