CLGE in action at the FIG Working Week 2021

CLGE together with other Regional Bodies and Members Association has organised an exciting session of the Combined Forum of Regional Bodies (FoRB) and Members Association Forum (MAF).

CLGE President Vladimir Krupa says: “CLGE’s involvement in FIG is a priority, the Forum of Regional Bodies is our absolute priority”.

The official wrap-up will follow later this week at FIG. Without anticipating, the conclusions are obvious:

  • The FIG Working Week platform is a marvellous tool to interact with each other;
  • The FoRB and MAF should definitely continue in a combined way and grow;
  • A 90-minutes session is great, but it is not enough. We should meet for several hours, there is no conflict with the other parts of the programme as other Delegates attend the technical sessions;
  • We had many interesting presentations about the impact of COVID-19 on our operations:
    • Our profession is considered as essential in many countries
    • We enjoyed a boom in online courses
    • We should share these resources among regions
  • Another topic was about how to attract young people into our profession:
    • We had a fantastic session on Get Kids into Survey, our members should all see this;
    • Women make excellent surveyors, we have to make sure that they are aware of us.

Again, this session was very fruitful, and we are looking forward to further intersessional engagement as well as during the next Working Week.


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