European Radionavigation Plan Consultation – reply by 31 December 2021

The European Commission, in cooperation with EUSPA, is launching a consultation to stakeholders to update the European Radionavigation Plan (ERNP).

The European Radionavigation Plan v1.0 (ERNP v1.0, available here) was adopted by the European Commission in March 2018. This first edition captures the characteristics of Europe’s radio navigation landscape: provides an inventory of existing and emerging radio navigation systems, foreseen modernisation plans, details user requirements, lists key stakeholders and gives an overview of the relevant EU legislation concerning radio navigation.  The purpose of the ERNP is to present the Commission’s view on an EU PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) strategy and how to implement it. ERNP will provide evidence to optimise the current radio navigation landscape in Europe. The ERNP also aims to highlight synergies between sectors and facilitate the adoption of measures previously adopted in other sectors.

Through this consultation, the Commission is collecting updated views and needs of the stakeholders for an updated ERNP. We would be grateful for your inputs via this brief anonymous questionnaire, before the end of the year:


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