Member’s report on the Workshop Joint FIG Commissions 3 & 8 by Geom. Cromwell Manaloto

The FIG Commissions 3 & 8 Joint Workshop and Annual Meeting was held last July in Prato, Italy with hybrid participation. This year’s theme was focused on the use of Spatial Information Management to optimize Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development. It also included an International Summer School organized by Coifa and supported by the FIG Foundation.

CLGE President, Vladimir Krupa gave a warm and generous greeting to the participants, please read this here, and renewed CLGE’s valued and continued collaboration with the FIG and the Consiglio Nazione Geometri e Geometri Laureati.

Joining the Workshop were FIG’s current President, Prof. Rudolf Staiger, FIG’s immediate past-president Prof. Chryssy Potsiou, FIG Commission 3 Chair Prof. Hartmut Muller, FIG Commission 7 Chair Marije Louwsma, CNGeGL President Geom. Maurizio Savoncelli, and Collegio dei Geometri di Prato’s President Geom. Alessandro Pieraccini, among other esteemed guests.

During Session 3 of the Workshop, the CLGE project GISCAD-OV, was presented and new updates about the course of its development and implementation were discussed. The project, needless to say, generated a lot of interest both from those participating physically in Prato, and to those who joined online. It was a pleasure, from my personal view, to learn more about this game-changing project that may redefine the use of Galileo in improving current cadastral procedures in different parts of Europe. Primary results from the pilot program in different European countries, in Italy with Geoweb in particular, seemed to be promising.

Again, a sincere thank you goes to Geom. Enrico Rispoli, and Dottssa Maria Grazia Scorza from CNGeGL, for the opportunity to be part of this event and for giving Young Surveying Professionals the opportunity to take center stage during this high-calibre event.

Geom. Cromwell Manaloto

CNGeGL – Italy



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