National Continued Professional Development supported by CLGE

On 17 December 2021, Vladimir Krupa, CLGE President, and Blaženka Mičević, Chair of the Working Group on Women in Surveying, presented their respective work at the helm of CLGE and CLGE’s theme of the year during an online session of the Croatian Chamber of Chartered Geodetic Engineers.

During the same session, Ivan Racetin also gave a remarkable presentation about Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, Global Surveyor of the Year 2021. This event was very well attended with more than 350 participants. It is certainly a good practice that other CLGE Member associations or National Liaison Groups are invited to follow. Adrijan Jadro, President of the Croatian Chamber said:

It’s only after participating in my first CLGE meeting, that I understood the real potential of this organisation. I am convinced that all our members should get this occasion. That’s why it was a good move to bring CLGE to their offices and homes, with our online tool. Many members are very satisfied by this initiative, and we will definitively repeat it ”.

CLGE is ready to support all members in the same way. It suffices to send a request to our Director General. Especially in countries where the Continued Professional Qualification is mandatory, this represents a nice diversification of the offer. Moreover, everywhere, there should be a moral obligation of lifelong learning. Being aware of what happens abroad is part of the normal knowledge that you can expect from a Geodetic Surveyor.


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