New Year’s wishes for 2022 from the CLGE President

We are pleased to present CLGE President Vladimir Krupa’s New Year’s wishes for 2022.

After a disruptive 2020, the challenges continued in 2021, with a lot of online and hybrid activities; no time for hibernation this year.

The word “despite” made its entry in our jargon: Despite the adverse conditions, we managed to have a year full of successes.

Early in 2021, we managed a nice online celebration of the Global Surveyors’ Day, with the official recognition of Gauss as the first Global Surveyor of the Year. Thanks to our excellent cooperation with FIG and the Forum of Regional Bodies, we gathered surveyors from all over the world. Our theme of the Year “Women in Surveying” got a first global exposure. We also finalised the CLGE Students’ Contest and are actively preparing the next generation. Shortly we will launch our new contest and we expect your active support, in every single one of our 41 member countries!

The GISCAD-OV project, well on track last year, produced the series of issues that are normal for projects of this size and nature. Together with the dedicated team and our Executive Board, we managed to navigate through these sometimes stormy waters, and we can gladly say that we are still staying on course for success.

2021 also saw a second General Assembly in Athens, very well prepared by our local team led by Vice-President Michalis Kalogiannakis. He helped us to embrace the digital future of CLGE with vigour. With this unheard succession of two consecutive General Assemblies in the same city, we are improving the technical and professional standards of our events, and this encourages us to start thinking about more of this.

Even if we get used to disruption, CLGE remains faithful to its earlier commitments. In several occasions during the whole year we have been supporting FIG, its Members Associations Forum and the Young Surveyors European Network.

After nearly a year in our mandate, we finally managed to unite an almost full Executive-Board in Cavtat (HR), with successful talks about the future of CLGE and our profession.

For many years, the proximity to our members has been a priority. Paradoxically, the crises we are experiencing have accelerated achievements in this area. Alas, in the middle of the pandemic, some of our colleagues were additionally impacted by the Petrinja earthquake. In response to this, CLGE has shown that solidarity isn’t a vain word and we have completed successfully our first humanitarian action in favor of the impacted geodetic surveyors.

More recently we went inside the Arctic Circle where we managed to brave the Northern night and held a very fruitful Conference of the European Surveyor, followed by our second General Assembly, culminating in the signature of the Saariselkä Declaration. Our ambition is to create a permanent Department for the promotion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our sector.

We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone in Skopje, hopefully with a maximum number of members in person, but most certainly with possibilities to join online. At this General Assembly, we will start a new project on the identity of our profession and its vital role in our economies.

Finally, we will use the year 2022 to highlight CLGE’s new theme of the year: ‘Blue Surveying’. We hope that this universal theme will inspire geodetic surveyors in Europe and why not, all over the World.

Allow me, in the name of the CLGE Executive Board and staff, to wish all of you and your families a peaceful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.’

Please click here for a pdf version of Vladimir’s letter


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