The Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration approach must focus on sustainability

On the 31st March and 1st of April 2022, a CLGE delegation took part in the VII Croatian Congress on Cadastre.

Nicolas Smith  gave a presentation about the ‘European Surveyor, Guarantor of Land and Built Property’. Nicolas used this occasion to recognise the progress of sustainability in the Fit-for-Purpose (FfP) land administration approach promoted by FIG. There is still room for progress and CLGE strongly emphasises the necessity to embed long-term sustainability in all FFP projects, from the earliest conception phase.

It is necessary to focus on:

  • the upgradeability of projects, enabling the development towards full-fledged property rights protection, and
  • the education and capacity building of geodetic surveyors

Efforts are being made in this field, but they are not yet sufficiently described, acknowledged and promoted. Therefore, CLGE emphasises the need for the inclusion of Sustainability in SFfP and draws the attention of the FIG leadership to this statement. As far as south-east Europe is concerned, CLGE intends to support national associations in the field of the development of their structures and operations, the improvement of the public and private cooperation and the achievement of the required professional qualifications standards.


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