Hot off the press: This Condominium Compendium might change some minds

With the help of its Interest Group of Publicly Appointed and Regulated Liberal Surveyors (IG-PARLS) CLGE publishes its Condominium Compendium.

The document explains why this topic is so important and analyses the situation in 9 CLGE Countries. Earlier presentations have shown a huge interest from the surveying community and beyond, because the conclusions pave the way to the Europe wide adoption of best practice.

Matjaž Grilc, Chair of IG-PARLS said: “I am particularly happy about the interest in our work. Additional chapters will follow soon, since Italy, Kosovo, Slovakia, Norway, and Turkey have already confirmed their participation in the next edition, others will undoubtedly follow”.

The Condominium Compendium defines the concept and describes the situation in 9 EU Member States, as seen by surveyors. It establishes the vital link with euREALIPMS Compliant and announces possible extensions in the field of 3D Cadastre and BIM. The conclusion is clear; if States look for legal certainty in property, the surveying part shall be performed by property surveyors. As built plans can and must be part of the Registration process.

We have produced a flyer which succinctly summarises the importance of the Condominium Compendium. Why not download and share this with your colleagues and other interested parties to whet their appetite for this important topic, it contains a QR code for them to easily access the full report.

Please download CLGE’s Condominium Compendium for free.


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