Vladimir Krupa opens the Romanian Geodetic Week

This 16th November, CLGE President Vladimir Krupa takes part in the opening of the Romanian GEOMAT 2022 Symposium.

Together with FIG President Elect, Dr. Diane Dumashie, Vladimir Krupa wishes a fruitful week to the Romanian Geodetic Engineers. He reminds them that they are all represented by CLGE, not only the private surveyors, but also the publicly appointed surveyors, the civil servants, and academics. He invites the Romanian NMCA to join the group of Institutional and Corporate Members that is growing rapidly.

Twelve years after the Bucharest General Assembly, its final declaration is still resonating. In the meantime, CLGE’s wish to have a universal standard for the measurement of buildings comes through, with the International Property Measurement Standard that should be finalised soon. CLGE has played an active part in this endeavour, something the European Surveyors can be proud of. CLGE is already looking forward to meeting at its next General Assembly in Oradea (RO), from 11th to 14th May 2023.

Please read Vladimir Krupa’s full address here.


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