Earthquake in Türkiye – European Solidarity Update

Ali Ipek - President of the Turkish Chamber of Survey and
Cadastral Engineers

The CLGE Bureau held an emergency meeting on 8th February to prepare our offer of initial assistance to our Turkish colleagues of 5000 Euros from the CLGE Solidarity Fund.

Ali Ipek, President of the Turkish Chamber of Survey and Cadastral Engineers, although very busy with first response activities, has accepted this donation and warmly thanks us all for our solidarity. He confirms though that the disaster is worse than we can imagine. In the face of this unseen devastation, any help we can offer may seem to be vain. However, we are sure that these contributions can support the Turkish Chamber, engaged in a race to get things done.

We will keep our Members informed via this website and LinkedIn

Update 22 February 2023

We have received this poignant report from Ali Ipek:

“I have recently returned from the disaster zone to Ankara. The Turkish Chamber has carried out important tasks in rescue, humanitarian aid and technical support.

The damage assessment and evidence collection by Surveying Engineers is still ongoing. We estimate that approximately 100,000 people have died, which is far in excess of the official numbers. Approximately 150 workplaces of our colleagues were completely destroyed. Many colleagues have died. There is a huge number of displaced victims.

We have provided and we will continue to provide significant humanitarian aid from both our Chamber (HKMO) and our union of chambers (TMMOB). But we must do more. The situation here, especially in Hatay/Antakya province, is similar to that of Warsaw during the Second World War. A total of 18,000 buildings have been completely destroyed in the region.

We are planning to provide mobile workplaces, surveying devices and personal computers for our colleagues who are affected by this disaster. Also, we will fund the education costs of children of deceased members.” 

In response to the above CLGE has launched a fundraiser. If your Associations are ready to support CLGE and the Turkish Chamber, please prepare your donation. While our first initiatives are focused on financial support for the Chamber, we are also evaluating other potential actions, together with Ali and his team.


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