IPMS-C and CLGE celebrate the launch of the final version of the International Property Measurement Standard

CLGE is delighted to announce that the International Property Measurement Standard Coalition (IPMS-C) launches its final harmonised version of the IPMS All Buildings, today 15 January 2023.

Nearly 10 years after the start of this initiative in Washington DC on 1 May 2013, the Coalition unites 88 property organisations representing hundreds of thousands of property professionals globally. Drafted by an independent group of 18 experts from 11 countries, the International Property Measurement Standard is a global open-source standard aimed at creating a uniform approach to measuring buildings.

CLGE Director General Jean-Yves Pirlot said: “We are thrilled by this achievement, in which CLGE has taken a leading role from the start. The fact that the series of standards have been replaced and superseded by one single harmonised version is very wise and enables us to adapt the pre-existing European Real Estate Area Label or euREAL into an IPMS compliant version”. This visionary cross border transparency tool, as euREAL was named by EU officials, gets a welcome support by the IPMS-C and its acceptance in Europe can only be reinforced.

Via this channel, we will keep you informed about the progress of euREAL and IPMS. Please send any questions you may have to our Director General Jean-Yves Pirlot.

More details are available on www.ipmsc.org.

Image Caption: ©IPMS-C May 2013. This pictures shows the IPMS Delegations of the first hour, gathered in front of the Washington statue in Washington D.C., including Jean-Yves Pirlot, soon IPMS Secretary General, and Frederic Mortier, soon IPMS – Standard Setting Committee Expert


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