CLGE Theme of the Year 2024: ‘Skills for Tomorrow: Are We Ready?’

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We live in a rapidly changing world and our profession, like many others, must adapt to develop skills that are fit for the future.

As we enter the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, the tempo of technological change is breathtaking. We are facing ever increasing threats related to climate change and natural disasters. The time remaining to deliver the UN SDGs 2030 is rapidly diminishing. We also need to rise to the challenge of changing societal and customer expectations especially around how our profession delivers wider social and environmental value. All of these challenges require both an evolution of our skills and, in some cases, the development of new skills entirely, but what skills exactly? As surveyors, we already practice a rich blend of technical, expert and soft skills, but what about the future? The purpose of our Theme of the Year 2024 is to understand the wide range of skills that surveyors will require for the mid-21st Century – which skills do we need to preserve, which skills need to evolve, and which new skills might we need to develop? Once we identify these, we will be able to consider the gaps and how we might close them, which will segue neatly into our Theme of the Year 2025, which will be focused on education.

Look out for activities throughout 2024 relating to our Theme of the Year, or better still, make sure that your member organisation embraces it and contributes to our progress.

We will be examining interesting issues such as:

  • How universities will need to adapt their programmes and the supporting role of Chambers, Associations and other organisations
  • Best practice in the field of alternative learning, e.g. apprenticeships for surveyors
  • Traineeship abroad, the opportunities given by Erasmus Plus to revive First STEP (First Students and Trainees Exchange Programme)
  • Results of FIG Commission 2’s survey for Europe
  • Support for university level surveying courses, particularly those under threat

Feel free to add your own priorities and let’s all contribute to prolong Europe’s year of Skills, culminating in the European Year of Skills – what comes next? (Closing event) 30 April 2024.

We expect to release a declaration at our General Assembly in Stavanger (NO) on 11 and 12 October which will pave the way for us to carry forward the momentum from our findings into next year and beyond.


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