Other events — 8 June 2017

Jean-Yves Pirlot represented CLGE at the 10th Regional Conference on Cadastre and Spatial Data Infrastructure in Skopje. It was the occasion to celebrate a Triple Jubilee of the Macedonian Chamber of Trading Surveying Companies (10 years), AREC (70 years) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering – Geodesy (40 years).

It is important to emphasize that on the initiative of the Macedonian Chamber of Surveyors, the Regional Conference offered the cradle for the first meeting of the diverse Chambers of Privat Surveyors from the Western Balkan. The participating presidents have underlined the benefit of this kind of meetings. This was also recognized by the Council of European Surveyors based in Brussels, within which many of these chambers and associations are active members.

This kind of meetings is essential for achieving closer cooperation between the state bodies and the private surveying sector. One of the conclusions of the 10th Regional Conference gathered in Skopje was to repeat these meetings at each of the future Regional Conferences.

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