General Assembly events — 25 February 2018

The Interest Group of Publicly Appointed and Regulated Liberal Surveyors of CLGE will meet in Brussels on 25 and 26 February.   On Sunday night the IG will organise a (m)eating, as experienced in Potsdam for the first time. The dinner will start at 20.00 and a few topics of the agenda of the next day will be prepared. The venue of this dinner has to be confirmed.   The venue of the 26 Februarey meeting will be the House of the European Surveyors and GeoInformation.   The main discussions will be focussed on the IG-PARLS Action Plan for 2018 and following years, on the preparation of the Washington Round Table and Sustainable Fit for Purpose paper. They will also analyze who to strengthen our activities at the EU Level.   The Agenda will be publisehd ASAP.

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