Events organized by CLGE — 21 March 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As you probably know, together with NSPS from the USA and FIG, we’ve decided to organize an annual worldwide event called the Global Surveyors’ Day.

A fixed day was chosen: 21 March of every year. Even if it’s a Sunday, there’s no reason not to celebrate.

This very day always falls within the National Surveyors’ week celebrated in the USA and CLGE has moved its annual celebration to this very day. Leica Geosystems has accepted to support the worldwide surveyors community in the endeavor and will take an active part in the celebration.

The first edition of the Global Surveyors’ Day will take place on 21 March 2018, i.e. a Wednesday, exactly in the middle of the Land and Poverty Conference at the World Bank in Washington.

We are very honored that the World Bank has accepted to host this Première.

The reception is organized from 18.00 till 20.00, at the World Bank Headquarter in Washington D.C.

Just before we have a Round Table, with the aim to organize a casual discussion about important topics (15.45 – 17.15). The Round Table will analyze the contribution of the surveying profession in today’s world.  You’ll find more details on the website of the Land and Poverty Conference, especially here.

To make these events really great, we would be pleased if you could take part in both the Round Table and the Reception.

If you are already registered at the World Bank Conference this year, the event is totally free for you. The only thing you have to do is to register by email: [email protected]

If you didn’t register yet, you should do so. Please let us know at the same address and we will guide you through the process. We can offer you the early bird registration income price even if this deadline is passed by now (250 $ instead of 400$).

For a few exceptional participants we can allow access to the Round Table and Reception without registration to the rest of the Land and Poverty Conference, but these places are very limited and require a nearly immediate registration at the same address.

The normal bookings can be done until 2 March 2018.

Sincerely Yours,

in the name of the Organizing Committee,

Maurice Barbieri

CLGE President

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