Other events — 11 October 2023

The FIG Climate Compass Task Force is excited to announce that the first webinar in its ‘Conversations & Consultations Webinar Series‘ is now open for registrations. Please join to hear about the latest thinking on climate resilience and fit-for-purpose surveying for land, water and marine. Share your knowledge and build surveyors capacity to act and mitigate climate change impacts – the most important challenge of our time.

Title: Let’s Move Beyond Business as Usual: Talking about Climate Resilience & Fit-for-purpose Surveying for Land, Water & Marine

When: Wednesday, 11 October 2023 09:00 GMT/11:00 CEST

Recording of the Webinar 

Please watch this recording on YouTube of this first webinar in this two part series.

About the webinar

The fit-for-purpose approach for land has been around in surveying since 2014. Fit-for-purpose land is about the underlying spatial framework of large-scale mapping being designed to manage current national and local land issues, rather than simply following more advanced technical standards. Key terms are: flexible; reliable; affordable and attainable – the system can be rapidly established and within available resources; upgradeable – allowing incremental upgrading; and participatory and inclusive – it should support good land governance. It should ultimately fit within the national legal, regulatory and institutional framework.

We have knowledge gaps to fill

  • Linking fit-for-purpose knowledge to climate resilience. Climate resilience means “the capacity of systems to cope with a hazardous trend responding or reorganising in ways that maintain their essential function, identity, and structure while maintaining the capacity for adaptation, learning and transformation” (IPCC).

  • Creating new knowledge on climate resilient fit-for-purpose surveying for land, water and marine.

Our eminent speakers helped fill these gaps. David Mitchell talked about fit-for-purpose approaches for small island states coping with sea level rise. Eugene Chigbu explored the link between land tenure, land use planning, land restoration and climate in the global south. Paula Dijkstra described the UN SDGS goals and their link to our climate goals and the roles of surveyors. Their presentations were followed by Q&A as we share knowledge and identify climate actions that surveyors can and should be doing.


  • David Mitchell: Honorary Associate Professor, RMIT, Australia; Previous Chair Commission 2; (Co-) author of numerous publications on surveying, land and climate, and on addressing land issues in disaster risk management in small island states.

  • Uchendu Eugene Chigbu: Associate Professor Land Administration at NUST, Namibia; Global Land Tool Network Steering Committee member; (Co-) author of numerous publications on tenure responsive land use planning also linked to climate, including for UNCCD the UN agency dealing with land degradation/land restoration.

  • Paula Dijkstra: Chair Task Force on Sustainable Development Goals – building the second phase; Director Kadaster International, The Netherlands responsible for the coordination of the Dutch Kadaster’s international activities and development aid projects which provides worldwide advisory services in land administration, e-governance, geo-information services and SDI.

This webinar was held in English only.

This event was organised by Roshni Sharma & Clarissa Augustinus, Co-Chairs, Climate Compass Task Force, On behalf of the Climate Compass Task Force Core Team.

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