Events organized by CLGE — 17 September 2015

The Final Conference of the EU GeoSkills Plus project took place in Brussels, in the House of European Surveyors and GeoInformation.

At this occasion the Brussels Declaration was signed by Maurice Barbieri, CLGE presdient, as well as by many other participants.

The conference hosted a keynote presentation by João Santos, Head of Unit of the Directorate General for Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion at the European Commission, entitled Medium and Long Term EU “Vocational Education and Training policy” priorities.

The event also included a special session on geoskills in Belgium.

Representatives of all the components of the “golden pyramid” – academics, public authorities, business sector, professional associations – offered an overview of the quantitative and qualitative gaps affecting the geospatial market and other issues that affect this sector [].

The conference participants were invited to sign the Brussels Declaration on GeoSkills in Europe, a document that makes a series of recommendations for establishing a spatially enabled society and meeting the growing needs for “geoskills” at national and European level.

About GeoSkills Plus

Under the Digital Agenda for Europe, the European Commission has identified the need for 21st Century e-skills as a key determinant for the future growth and development of the European economy. The European market has to deal with a range of specific e-skills shortages, gaps and mismatches. The GeoSkills Plus Project created opportunities to address the quantitative and qualitative gaps in relation to the demand of Geospatial specialist and to offer solutions to bridge the gaps.

The main outcomes of the project include:

1) a cooperation model to be used across the geospatial marketplace,

2)  strategies for raising awareness of the subject and approaches for solving the mismatch between the market requirements on labour force and numbers of students provided by the geospatial vocational education and training institutions and

3)  the identification of ways to bridge the gaps that exist in the geospatial market that prevent the system from working properly.

The GeoSkills Plus project is a Transfer of Innovation Project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The House of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation is located at 76 Rue de Nord, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

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