Events organized by CLGE — 1 July 2014

The IV CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation is planned to be held in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation).

Details about the programme will follow soon.

Hereafter you can already find the registration form as well as the partners programme and the description of an interesting social event (update 3rd April 2014).

Update 7 April, we add the overall schedule of the three days conference. More information to follow soon.

The local organizer urges you to register without delay and not later than 24 April, since it takes some time to get the needed VISA.

Update 1 July, the CLGE President’s opening speech sets the seen. Available on-line.

Update 12 July, all the presentations are available online now, see hereafter.

Important note

The Board of CLGE, gahtered in Marbella on 21 – 22 March 2014 has confirmed the venue for the IV Conference of the European Surveyor. Clearly, this cannot be understood as a position of CLGE about the current Ukrainian crisis. CLGE explicitly abstains from expressing any political position.

This decision is a confirmation of our permanent will to promote our profession, its technical background and ethical standards, all over Europe.

Documents for this event

Visit of the Kaliningrad office of the Federal Cadaster

Life, activity and main work results of F.G.W. Struve

The value of works by F.G.W. Struve for the development of modern surveying, navigation, gravimetry and other science areas

Geodetic arc of Struve in different countries as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Realized and being planned projects.

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