Other events — 20 March 2013

CLGE President, Jean-Yves Pirlot says:

“Space infrastructure is important, nobody doubts, it allows to create
ground infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, …they are important too,
nobody doubts, it is less known that the geographic data infrastructure is also
very important to run all this, to be able to manage the society in an efficient
way. We can only advise the decision makers to invest heavily in the GI sector.
Without this commitment no pertinent GeoDataInfrastrucre, without GDI no
efficient management of the state resources. There is a good GI sector in
Europe and Hungary. This
sector has to be supported to the benefit of all.

If I am well informed, Hungary is already represented in the European
GNSS Agency GSA. However it is not yet member of the European Space Agency,
perhaps the ESE is a good occasion to enter this organisation?”

Read his full paper hereafter.

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