Other events — 5 October 2019

The Panhellenic Conference of Surveyors 2019 took place in Kalamata, (GR) on 5 October 2019, with the the virtual participation of CLGE.

CLGE Director General Jean-Yves Pirlot presented ‘Best Practices in Property Surveying’ based on the Zagreb Paper 2018. Pirlot remarked that “CLGE is ready to support reforms in Greece” and that “What we achieved in the Russian Federation, should also be feasible in Greece“.

CLGE Vice President Thomas Jacubeit presented online, how he performs his role as surveyor in Brandenburg (DE). When asked if the practice of Publicly Appointed Surveyor in Germany leads to many disputes Jacubeit answered: “In my 25 years of career, I never went to court“.

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