Events organized by CLGE — 15 September 2015

The Interest Group of Publicly Appointed and Regulated Surveyors has launched the Code of Professional Qualifications for Property Surveyors. Even if this document was realized by IG-PARLS, the working group made sure that it was acceptable for all Property Surveyors entrusted with a public or sovereign task.

The brand new Code of Professional Qualifications for Property Surveyors was solemnly signed on 15 September 2015, by Clemens Kiepke, in the name of the IG-PARLS members but also by Maurice Barbieri, CLGE President. Hopefully this document will inspire fruitful discussions during the coming CLGE meetings.

The roadmap for coming work is as follows:

–     Signature of the code by IG-PARLS members and candidate observers;

–     Signature of the letter of intent by “Accord Multilateral” associations, i.e. those associations that were part of the previous Accord when Geometer Europas existed;

–     Signature of the letter of intent by the rest of the CLGE delegations (National Liaison Groups).

Actually the current initiative consists of three separate documents:

–       The actual code

–       A iterative report made of national contributions

–       A letter of intent to be signed by nations who would like to follow the code

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