Ambassadors Endorse the 2023 CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest

On 27 January 2023 we launched the 11th Edition of our annual CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest.

We are continuing to widely promote the Contest to reach every aspiring young surveyor and encourage them to take part and complete their application to enter this year’s Contest. Our goal is to engage young surveyors right across Europe and introduce them to CLGE’s activities. To help us get the message out and achieve this goal we are cooperating with previous winners of the Contest who are willing to act as Ambassadors.

We are pleased to introduce our second CLGE Young Surveyor’s Contest Ambassador 2023, Weixiao Gao. He was awarded the prize in 2022 for his outstanding paper entitled ‘SUM: A Benchmark Dataset of Semantic Urban Meshes.’ As a PhD researcher in the 3D Geoinformation group at Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), Weixiao’s work focuses on advancing our understanding of semantic urban meshes. Winning the Contest has been a great recognition of his research results and has provided him with valuable networking opportunities within the geo-information industry. Weixiao’s success highlights the importance of the CLGE Young Surveyor’s Contest in promoting innovation and excellence within the surveying profession.

We encourage all eligible candidates to participate in the 2023 Contest and showcase their skills and expertise to the world.

Please click here for full details of the rules of the CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest and how to enter.

The social media hashtag is #CLGEYoungSurveyorsContest

If you have any concerns about who can apply, which topic is eligible, or any other questions on the Contest then please just drop us a line at [email protected].

Previous Ambassador Testimonies

8 March 2023

On International Women’s Day we published on our CLGE LinkedIn page the testimony from geomatics engineer Kyriaki Mouzakidou who is our first Ambassador of 2023. Kyriaki was the winner of our Contest in 2022 in the Ph.D. category with her topic ‘Concurrent adjustment of lidar and camera with GNSS and raw inertial data.’ She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Geodetic Engineering Laboratory (TOPO) EPFL, Switzerland.


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