CLGE Reaffirms Solidarity with Ukrainian Surveyors at the GEOFORUM 2023

Presentation of the address of the CLGE President

The 26th International Scientific and Technical Conference “GEOFORUM-2023”, ‘dedicated to the anniversary of the professional holiday of geologists, land-surveyors and cartographers of Ukraine‘ took place from 19 to 21 April 2023 at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

CLGE has supported this annual event for many years where we have been represented by our dear friend, the late Vasile Chiriac, from Moldova. Whilst CLGE was unable to be present in person this year the CLGE President sent an address which was presented and read to all delegates.

Vladimir Krupa commended the resilience of our Ukrainian colleagues in organising this 2023 event in the current extremely challenging circumstances. He drew the audience’s attention to CLGE’s public statement issued on 25 February 2022 about the invasion and condemning the aggression of the Government of the Russian Federation. He went on to mention the expression of practical solidarity of CLGE by so far helping 15 refugees, mostly women, to find jobs as surveying engineers as well as donating €18,500 to help support the livelihoods of affected colleagues. Finally Vladimir informed those present that CLGE is preparing the IX CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor, to be held in Paris (FR), on 9 November 2023. The theme will be ‘The Role of Geodetic Surveyors in Disaster Management‘. This will focus on natural disasters such as the recent Turkish and Croatian earthquakes but also manmade disasters such as the aggression by the Russian Federation. We believe this will help to able to pave the way to the important part that Geodetic Surveyors will play in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Please read the full transcript of Vladimir Krupa’s address here.

An English language version of the overall programme for the GEOFORUM 2023 is available here further information is available on the event website.

A photo gallery from the event is available online here.


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