Budapest Declaration NSPS-CLGE_22 March 2013
   Chisinau Declaration UGM-CLGE 5 October 2013
   CLGE SC2012_Bečirević, Dragčević, Maganić, Opatić, Županović. CROATIA – Geodetic works in research and development plan for remediation of landslide Kostanjek
   CLGE SC2013_Balazadegan. SWEDEN. Comparison of integrated GPS-IMU aided by map match-ing and stand-alone GPS aided by map matching for urban and suburban areas
   CLGE SC2013_Bronder. SWEDEN. Visualization of a SWEPOS Coordinate Analysis
   CLGE SC2013_Canizares. SPAIN. 3D model of lugo’s roman walls (galicia-spain) using a terrestrial laser scanner and unmanned aerial vehicle
   CLGE SC2013_Fransen. BELGIUM. Using gis to face problems related to spatial and social inequality –‐ case study. capacity issues of pre–‐schools in ghent, belgium
   CLGE SC2013_Idzanovic. CROATIA.Modeling CroSAR satellite mission for monitoring the main seismic active areas in republic of croatia
   CLGE SC2013_Moka. HUNGARY. Ulyxes automatic deformation monitoring system
   CLGE SC2013_Molnar. HUNGARY. Using laser scanners for cave mapping
   CLGE SC2013_Schonberger. SWEDEN.Simulations of VLBI observations with the Onsala Twin Telescope
   CLGE SC2013_Szymanska. POLAND.Terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry used for monitoring mass movements occuring in the high-mountain area
   Common Vision for Cooperation on Cadastre and Land Registry Issues
   Internal Rules
   World organisations unite to improve investor confidence in real estate

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