General Assembly events — 22 March 2013

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The website for the registration to our next GA is ready and tested now.

Below, you’ll find a guideline for this registration, since everything is run from the conference organizing website (registration). If you experience particular problems feel free to contact us or Gyorgy.

Please notice that we have a lot of different events:

  • 21st March in the afternoon (Exact timing to be fixed), probably from 1.30PM – 5.30PM – HU/EU seminar about GNSS and Galileo (chaired by Danko Markovinović) – participation for free for CLGE delegates
  • 21st March, an optional visit of the European Space Expo (
  • 21st March, at about 7PM (Exact timing to be confirmed), Closing reception of the seminar and Opening reception of the GA (Ice Breaker) – for free for CLGE delegates and partners
    in the Space Expo
  • 22nd March GA I and II with presentations of the Workshops and a lot of other important and interesting topics
  • 23rd March GA III consisting of three Workshops
  • WSI: Land Consolidation and Land Re-allotment (Moderated by Maurice Barbieri)
  • WSII: Land Administration Model from FIG to ISO (Moderated by Leiv Bjart Mjoes)
  • WSIII: 3D modeling versus 3D cadaster (Moderated by Pedro Ortiz)

Of course there’s an interesting partner programme too (you can consult it on the website, just after the GA programme)

Please follow the guidelines to register and do it soon. We would like you to register within one month from now.

For registrations after the 1st of March, the organizer asks additional 50 euros per participant, to cover the administrative cost. The CLGE Executive Board has backed this new approach. You can see that we have prepared an exciting programme. The GA Agenda will follow and should be released not later than one month before the event. We will try to provide more details and information about the Work Shops in due time.Do not forget that we also will have a reception on 18 March in  Brussels. You’ve received copy of the letter that we’ve sent to your national EuroGeograpnics member(s). If you want, you can convince them to come and why not, ask a national MEP to attend.

We already have to thank Gyorgy and the Hungarian delegates as well as the main sponsor for this event: TRIMBLE.

For the full board,

Michelle and Jyp

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