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CLGE General Assembly Riga (LV)

   Overall Programme
   CLGE General Assembly – Agenda
X   CLGE Acronyms
   Riga Declaration
   Report of the Treasurer: (Dieter Seitz) CLGE financial report
   Report of the Treasurer: (Dieter Seitz) CLGE financial report
   Report by President and Executive Board: (Maurice Barbieri) CLGE President report
   Modification of the CLGE Statutes and Internal Rules: Internal Rules draft
   Modification of the CLGE Statutes and Internal Rules: CLGE Statutes draft
   CLGE Seminar 3D Cadastre: Helsinki Resolution
   Spring GA and DESGI: Lausanne presentation
   INTERGEO Resolution
   FIG Working Week Helsinki
   Blue Parking Partnership:
   Blue Parking Partnership: (Mark Concannon) Our GNSS Journey
   Workshops: Open Data
   GSA: (Alina Hriscu) Update from GSA
   Workshops: (Alfredo Lorenzo) The Surveying Professional and their place in the Connected Digital Economy
   Workshops: (Diana Bečirević) Young Surveyors Eurean Network Workshop
   Membership affairs: (Torben Juulsager) Putting the Surveying Profession on the ”Map”
   Editorial Policy: (Nicolas Smith) Social Media
   European and International Affairs: (Nicolas Smith) International Property Measurement Standards
   European and International Affairs:International Land Measurement Standards Coalition Declaration
   European and International Affairs: What are International Standards?
   European and International Affairs:Common Declaration UINL CNUE CLGE
   European and International Affairs: (Nicolas Smith) Marine Cadastre: A support to the Blue Economy?
   Statutory Meetings: Potsdam 2017

CLGE Riga Seminar

   CLGE Seminar Programme

CLGE Students’ Contest 15 – 16

   CLGE Students’ Contest Regulations (update 07 June 2016)

CLGE Helsinki Seminar

   Seminar Announcement

CLGE’s answer to the IPMS Questionnaire

   IPMS Adoption Survey – CLGE’s position

CLGE Position on the IPMS Residential Exposure Draft

   CLGE’s Position

CLGE General Assembly Tirana (AL)

   Autumn General Assembly: Riga (Janis Klive) CLGE Autumn GA and Seminar in Riga 2016 22. – 24. September
   Autumn General Assembly: CLGE GA overall Programme
   Autumn General Assembly: CLGE General Assembly Agenda
X   Autumn General Assembly: CLGE GA Registration Form
X   Autumn General Assembly: CLGE Acronyms and Sayings
   Autumn General Assembly: INTERGEO activities 2016 – 2018
   FIG and CLGE: (Gerda Schennach) The Profession between Cadastre and Citizen
   FIG and CLGE: (Enrico Rispoli) Spatial Information Management
   FIG and CLGE: (Diana Bečirević) Report from FIG Young Surveyors European Network
   Membership affairs: Day / Week of Geodesy
   Membership affairs: Annual Conference EGÜ’90
   Membership affairs: TOP-CART 2016
   Membership affairs: V CLGE Conference of ES
   (3d_cadastre.pdf) 3D-Cadastre
   Membership affairs: OGE’s Congress
   Membership affairs: Presentazione ISS 2016
   Membership affairs: Federal Russian Law
   Membership affairs: Turkish Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers (HKMO)
   Presentation by Partners: (Prof. Dr. Ir. Joep Crompvoets) EuroSDR
   Presentation by Partners: (Alina Hriscu, Michal Babacek) Status update of Galileo and benefits for Surveying
   Presentation by Partners: (Marco Detratti) GSA PRS User Segment Procurements Activities
   Editorial Policy: (Nicolas Smith) CLGE in Social Medias
   Editorial Policy: (Mairolt Kakko) Mission report – Geoinformatics PosKEN Zagreb meeting
   Editorial Policy: Mission report – CLGE Seminar “Utility Cadastre”, Zagreb
   IG-PARLS: Code of professional qualifications for Property Surveyors
   IG-PARLS: UINL Common Declaration
   European and International Affairs: (Nicolas Smith) Marine Cadastre: A support to the Blue Economy?
   European and International Affairs: euREAL and IPMS
   European and International Affairs: International Ethics Standards – Consultation Document
   European and International Affairs: Dynamic Professional Knowledge Base Manual
   European and International Affairs: GeoSkills Plus
   Workshops: (Alfredo Lorenzo) The EU Geospatial Industry – Opportunities and Challenges
   Workshops: (Nicolas Smith) Marine Cadastre Workshop
   Workshops: (Saulius Urbanas) ELF – Enabling access to Official Reference Data

CLGE Reception – House of the European Surveyor and GI

   Agenda Reception in the House of the European Surveyor and GI

CLGE Executive Board Meeting

   CLGE Executive Board Meeting Agenda

Video Recording

CLGE General Assembly Tirana (AL)

Autumn General Assembly – Riga

Riga video presentation

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