Events Documents

Launch of the CLGE Students’ Contest 2012 – 2013

   CLGE Students’ Contest

New Year’s Wishes for 2013


DPKB – Information

Z   Information Package about DPKB

CLGE General Assembly in Hanover (Germany), 12-13 Oct 2012

   Minutes GA Hanover DE_12-13Oct2012-adopted in GA Budapest 22 March 2013
   Agenda_CLGE_GA I-II_Hanover
   Agenda_CLGE_GA III_Hanover
   (Michael Zurhorst) Welcome Speech
   CLGE budget 2013
   IG Parls Budget 2013
   NewFees 2013
   accommodation and arrival information
   National Presentations: (Bledi Stefa) Albanian Association of Geodesy
   National Presentations: (György Domokos) Brief Overview on Hungarian Land Administration
   National Presentations: (Hugo Toll) Struve Geodetic Arc – Marking in Estonia
   National Presentations: GEOWEB – Web Services for Surveyors
   National Presentations: (Valeriu Manolache) Romania – National Presentation
   European Affairs: (Bénédicte Fournier-Schmitt) Engagements with the EU
   European Affairs: (Bénédicte Fournier-Schmitt) Moniroting of EU Legal Developments
   European Affairs: (Bénédicte Fournier-Schmitt) Public consultation on seabed mapping
   Workshop Presentations: (Leon Hendriks, Merijn Jacops, Bastiaan van Loenen) Realising the CLGE Dynamic Professional Knowledge Base (DPKB)
   Workshop Presentations: Realisation Plan for the Dynamic Professional Knowledge Base
   Workshop Presentations:
   German Theme: (Gerhard Wübbena) Geodetic Reference via Precise Point Positioning – RTK
   German Theme: (Carl-Thomas Schneider) Industrial Photogrammetry
   German Theme: (Kai Behncke) Solar-Potential cadastre for communes, a successful method against climate change
   German Theme: Towards a 3D Cadastre – The approach in North Rhine-Westphalia
   German Theme: (Thomas P. Kersten) 3D Point Clouds through Image-Based Low-Cost Systems

The Second Youth Meeting at INTERGEO

   CLGE Students’ Contest Announcement



IG-PARLS General Meeting

   IG-PARLS-Minutes members meeting Antwerp

CLGE letter to Bernadette Vergnaud

   French Original Letter
   English Translation of the Letter

XXII Nordic Surveyors Congress

   Opening Address by Jean-Yves Pirlot, CLGE President

Opening of the IV International Training Course in Topography for Young Surveyors

   Full Programme of the IV International Training Course in Topography for Young Surveyors
   Opening Speech by Jean-Yves Pirlot, CLGE President

CLGE Ex-Board Meeting in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 07-08 Sept 2012


CLGE Ex-Board Meeting in Tirana (Albania), 22-23 Jun 2012

   draft agenda

CLGE Ex-Board Meeting Edinburgh (UK), 29 March 2012

   Draft agenda

IG-PARLS members meeting Brussels


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