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CLGE General Assembly in Potsdam (DE)

   Agenda General Assembly
   Overall programme CLGE General Assembly in Potsdam
X   Registration form for Delegates
   Student Contest Report
   National Reports: (Perparim Ameti) CLGE GA Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
   National Reports: FIG Commission 3
   National Reports: (Diana Bečirević) FIG Young Surveyors Network Report
   National Reports: (Diana Bečirević) CLGE Dynamics Professional Knowledge Base for surveying profession in Europe
   Workshops: (Alina Hriscu) Integrating Galileo in RTK networks
   Workshops: (Roberto Capua, Flavio Ferrante) GNSS High Precision Systems for Cadastre: development, experiences and Galileo perspectives
   Workshops: TERIA Network
   Workshops: (Joep Crompvoets) CLGE and Education
   Workshops: (Steven Cairns) The changing role of surveyors in Europe
   Workshops: (Maurice Barbieri, Duncan Moss) ILMS and the Sustainability in Fit for Purpose
   Workshops: (Vladimir Tikhonov) European requirements for cadastral surveyor activities
   Membership Affairs: (Ihor Trevoho, Boris Chetverikov) The main aspects of the activities of Ukrainian Society of Geodesy and Cartography (USGC)
   Membership Affairs: (Matthias Wasem) Autodesk presentation
   Membership Affairs: Pix4D presentation
   Membership Affairs: (Torben Juulsager) Public Affairs (PA) – an effective tool in interest management. A Danish PA approach
   Editorial Policy: CLGE Website Renewal Project
   European and International Affairs: (Duncan Moss) What the ILMS standards are and are not
   European and International Affairs: (Florian Lebourdais) EU Monitoring
   Statutory Meetings: CLGE GA Statistics

CLGE Students’ Contest Deadline of papers

   CLGE Students’ Contest Regulations

FIG Working Week in Helsinki

   FIG Invitation in pdf

Video Recording

CLGE General Assembly in Lausanne

National Reports:

Potsdam 2017 video presentation

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