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CLGE General Assembly in Seville (ES)

   CLGE General Assembly & VIII CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor – Overall Programme
   CLGE General Assembly Draft Agenda
   CLGE General Assembly Agenda Slides
   GDP by Country
   Vice-President Report 2021-22 – Young Surveyors and EUSPA – Jānis Klīve
   Vice-President Report 2021-22 – Digital Strategy & Communications – Duncan Moss
   Vice-President Report 2021-22 – Statutes & International Standards – Thomas Jacubeit
   Global Surveyor’s Day 2023 – Marc Vanderschueren
   CLGE GA II 2023 Paris (FR) and IX CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor – Nicolas Smith
   FIG Young Surveyor’s Network – Ferah Pirlanta Köksal
   Young Surveyor’s Contest 2022 Awarding Ceremony – Jānis Klīve
   INTERGEO – Stefan Sandmann
   Plenary Workshop 1 – GISCAD-OV Project – Maurice Barbieri
   Plenary Workshop 2 – The Role of Geodetic Surveyors in Air Safety – Audrey Alajouanine
   Rotating Workshop 1 – European Geodetic Surveyor’s Act
   Rotating Workshop 2 – Blue Surveying
   Condominium Project – Next Steps – Matjaž Grilc
   OGE France – Geofoncier and Blue Parking Projects
   Portuguese Order of Engineers College of Geographic Engineering – João Agria Torres
   AREC Jubilee – Zorancho Mukanov
   IG-PARLS Report – Matjaž Grilc
   4th European Engineer’s Day – Women in Surveying – Blaženka Mičević
   CLGE GA I 2024 – Cavtat (HR)
   FIG Commission 7 – Introduction to CLGE – Matjaž Grilc


VIII CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor ‘Blue Surveying’ in Seville (ES)

   CLGE General Assembly & VIII CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor – Overall Programme
   VIII CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor Programme
   Opening Remarks – Andrés Díez Galilea
   Blue Surveying Introduction – Enrico Rispoli
   Blue Surveying and the environmental goals of sustainable development – Maria Scorza
   The Blue Surveyor: People, Planet and Partnerships – Dr Diane Dumashie
   Marine Cadastre and its importance – Magdalena Andersson
   Responsible Governance of Tenure: Key Factors and Principles – Tea Dabrundashvili
   Water is Precious – Bertrand Mercier
   Remote sensing and GEOAI in water bodies monitoring – Dr Gordana Jakovljevic
   Scotland’s Dynamic Coast – Duncan Moss
   The Mose a technological and innovative defence system – Luciana Colle
   Protection from high water in the Netherlands – Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk
   Responding to flood emergencies at river dykes – Clemens Kiepke
   Role of Surveying Engineers in Marine Spatial Planning – Prof. dr. sc. Ivana Racetin
   Innovative technologies with multiple sensor integration to help surveyors in water infrastructure management projects – David Fernández
   How geodetic surveyors contribute to the offshore wind farm construction process – Dino Dragun
   Need for Hydrographic Education – Axel Annaert
   Why the geospatial profession is critical to saving planet Earth – Mike Hopkins
   Blue Surveying – You can help build the Capacity – Gordon Johnston


CLGE General Assembly in Skopje (MK)

   CLGE General Assembly and Seminar Overall Programme
   A practical guide to your stay in North Macedonia
   CLGE General Assembly Agenda
   CLGE General Assembly Agenda Slides
   Blue Surveying – Enrico Rispoli
   The CLGE Young Surveyors’ Contest edition 2022 – Jānis Klīve
   IG-PARLS update – Matjaž Grilc
   GeoHrvatska- Spatial Data of the Republic of Croatia – Tania Rodin
   Croatian Modern Utility Lines Cadastre – Nikola Vučić, PhD
   Evolving Registration – How do existing registrars embrace change – Dave Stow, Ordnance Survey
   Reflections on the Shape of Good Governance: Standards and Regulation – Dr Diane Dumashie FRICS
   Mainstreaming the National Land Consolidation Programme North Macedonia – Kristina Mitic Arsova – UN-FAO
   European Geodetic Surveyor’s Act – Florian Lebourdais
   Mining Cadastre – ing. Gavrilescu Teodora
   Workshop 1 – LADM – Flyer
   Workshop 1 – LADM – Introductory Presentation
   Workshop 2 – GISCAD-OV – Flyer
   Workshop 3 – Condominiums – Flyer
   Workshop 3 – Condominiums – Introductory Presentation
   Intergeo 2022 – Stefan Sandmann
   FIG Young Surveyors Network – Ferah Pırlanta Köksal
   euREAL and IPMS – Frederic Mortier
   CLGE General Assembly II 2022 – Seville, Spain
   CLGE General Assembly I 2023 – Oradea, Romania
   Workshop 1 – LADM – Workshop Presentation
   Workshop 2 – GISCAD-OV – Workshop Presentation
   Workshop 3 – Condominiums – Workshop Presentation

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