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CLGE General Assembly in Moscow (RU)

X   Registration Form CLGE General Assembly – Adapted
D   VISA Procedure – Important / Urgent
D   CLGE GA Programme in Moscow
D   CLGE GA Accompanying Persons Programme
   CLGE GA Agenda
   CLGE Moscow Resolution in English
   CLGE Moscow Resolution in Russian
   CLGE Internal RulesElection Annex
   INTERGEO: (Leiv Bjarte Mjøs) CLGE Student’s Contest
   FIG working week in BG: (Diana Bečirević) Report about the 3rd FIG YSEN meeting
   Membership Affairs: General Assembly and Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), 6-11 May 2018, Istanbul
   Membership Affairs: (Rudolf Küntzel) Historical map of the Gotthard and his fortresses
   Membership Affairs: (Rudolf Küntzel) The Swiss Approach of Integrated Land Administration and Land Management
   Editorial Policy: (Nicolas Smith) Social Media
   European and International Affairs: euREAL and IPMS
   European and International Affairs: IPMS: Residential Buildings – Consultation Document Response Form
   European and International Affairs: GeoSkills Plus
   European and International Affairs: (Nicolas Smith) Marine Cadastre Project
   Nonstatutory Meetings: European Surveyor 2016: Ruđer Joseph Bošković
   AOB: PPP Cadastral Register in Electronic Form (RU)
   AOB: Meridian+ Aerogeodetic Enterprise
   AOB: State Organization MOSCOW CITY Bureau of Technical Inventory
   Workshops: Documentation Work Shop 1
   Workshops: Documentation Work Shop 2
   Workshops: Documentation Work Shop 3-a
   Workshops: Documentation Work Shop 3-b

Final Conference of GeoSkills Plus

   Brussels Geoskills Plus Declaration

Solemn signing of the Code of Professional Qualifications for Property Surveyors

   The Code of Professional Qualifications for Property Surveyors
   National Reports
   Letter of Intent

Hungarian Celebration of the European Surveyor 2015


Video Recording

CLGE General Assembly in Limassol (CY)

Next CLGE Meeting – 25-26. 9. 2015, Moscow, Russian Federation

Membership Affairs: 


European and International Affairs

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