Events Documents

CLGE Ex-Board Meeting in Siek (DE), 02-03 dec 2011

   CLGE Presidents Letter
   Adapted Agenda

Opening of the Third International Training for Young Surveyors

   CLGE President Opening Address

IG-PARLS members meeting


CLGE contribution to the EU Green Paper

   CLGE Contribution to the Green Paper

CLGE General Assembly in Tallinn (Estonia), 16-17 Sept 2011

   Minutes GA Tallin EE_16-17Sept2011-adopted in GA Edinburgh 30March2012
   Tallin GA Agenda
   Tallin GA Brochure
   Tallin GA presentation
X   Tallinn GA Programme
D   Urgent Matters: Tallinn Questionnaire for GSA
   Internal Rules and Treasurer’s Reports: IG PARLS rules
   Internal Rules and Treasurer’s Reports:Internal Rules
   Internal Rules and Treasurer’s Reports: CLGE budget 2012
   Internal Rules and Treasurer’s Reports: IG PARLS budget 2012
   Internal Rules and Treasurer’s Reports: New fees for 2012
   Internal Rules and Treasurer’s Reports: Member Contributions
   Ex-Board reports: Danko Markovinović, Jean-Yves Pirlot: Umeå Statement Analysis and Tallinn Workshop preparation
   Ex-Board reports: Umeå Report
   Upcoming Events: CLGE General Assembly Spring 2012 – Edinburgh
   Upcoming Events: Third Surveyors Congress and CLGE GA in Hanover
   Membership Affairs: Alvydas Janulevičius: Remarks on the Measurement Code for Floor Area of Buildings based on 60 years experience
   Membership Affairs: Bledi Stefa: Albania Presentation
   Membership Affairs: Surveyors Day in The Republic of Moldova
   European Affairs Alvydas Janulevičius: Remarks on the Measurement Code for Floor Area of Buildings based on 60 years experience
   European Affairs: Pierre Bibollet: European Affairs – Engagements with the EU
   “Estonian” Part: Arnaud Duchâteau, Monique Gissinger: The Evolution of Survey Marking and Pegging
   “Estonian” Part: Frederic Mortier: The INSPIRE Directive – Accent on Buildings
   “Estonian” Part: Priit Kuus: Utility networks in Estonian Restrictions Information System
   “Estonian” Part: Vanessa Gosselink – van Dijk: Information Exchange of Underground Networks in The Netherlands
   “Estonian” Part: Villem Alango: Data Management of Utility Networks in Estonia

CLGE Exe-Board Meeting in Tallinn (Estonia), 15 Sept 2011

   Executive Board Agenda
   Draft Budget CLGE 2012
   Draft Fee Proposal CLGE 2012
   Draft Budget CLGE – IG-PARLS 2012

IG-PARLS Visit of Germany and Switzerland by a Spanish Delegation

   IG-PARLS report

Report of the CLGE Task Force in Moldova


CLGE Seminar – Umeå (Sweden)

   Final Program
   Umeå Statement
   Wednesday – Opening Session: Jean-Yves Pirlot CLGE Greetings
   Wednesday – Opening Session: Åsa Ögren Umeå Greetings
   Wednesday – Opening Session: Reinhard Blasi EGNOS in Mapping Applications
   Wednesday – Technical session – European level: João Torres The geodetic infrastructure that is behind the new concepts of reference systems
   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Pierre Voet Geodetic infrastructure in Belgium
   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Mette Weber Status and plans for reference networks and systems in Denmark
   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Jens Riecken and Stephan Heitmann Geodetic Reference Systems 2015 – the Approach in North-Rhine Westphalia
   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Jos Anneveld Actual organization and developments of geodetic infrastructure in The Netherlands
7   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Pedro Ortiz Geodetic Infrastructure in Spain
   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Mikael Lilje A strategic Plan for Geodesy in Sweden
   Wednesday – Technical session – National level: Johnny Berglund Practical experience of bathymetric LIDAR
   Thursday – Technical session – National level: Gerd Rosenthal The European Position Determination System (EUPOS)
   Thursday – Technical session – National level: Danko Markovinovic CROPOS as support of geodetic infrastructure in Croatia
   Thursday – Technical session – National level: Paul Chambon TERIA, the French GNSS Real-Time Network
   Thursday – Technical session – National level: Lars Engberg SWEPOS and its GNSS-based Positioning Services

CLGE – Ex-Board Meeting in Opatija (Croatia), 5 May 2011

   CLGE Exectuive Board Meeting Minutes in Opatija

CLGE Ex-Board Meeting in Madrid (Spain), 25-26 March 2011

   CLGE Executive-Board Agenda

CLGE participation in the public consultation about the evaluation of the Directive on Mutual

   CLGE Position

CLGE – IG-PARLS members meeting

   CLGE IG-PARLS Minutes of the Brussels Meeting
   Draft version of the IG-PARLS Internal Rules

CLGE answers on the EC questionnaire about the Single Market Act

   CLGE Position

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