Events Documents

Panhellenic Conference of Surveyors in Kalamata (GR)

   CLGE Presentation – ‘Best Practice in Property Surveying’

CLGE Students’ Contest Regulations

   CLGE Students’ Contest Regulations

Conference on Aimé Laussedat in Paris (FR)

   First announcement (FR)
   Final announcement (FR)
   Event Report

CLGE General Assembly in Sofia (BG)

   CLGE General Assembly Agenda
X   Registration Form
   GA presentations: CLGE Events map, GA statistics
   GA presentations: The 8th CLGE Student Contest 2019
   GA presentations: CLGE Annual Report 2018
   GA presentations: Auditor Report
   GA presentations: FIG Commision 3 – Naples
   GA presentations: PCC-Conference, Vienna, 2018
   GA presentations: Sixth CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor & CLGE General Assembly Istanbul
   GA presentations: Carl Friedrich Gauss, Surveyor of the year 2021
   GA presentations: European Requirements For Property Cadastral Surveyor Activity Revision Of 2018
   GA presentations: FIG Working Week Amsterdam, 10 – 14 May 2020
   GA presentations: (Ferah Pırlanta Köksal) FIG Young Surveyors Network
   GA presentations: INTERGEO 2019
   GA presentations: euREAL and IPMS
   National Presentations: (Michalis Kalogiannakis) The profile of the Surveyor in Greece
   National Presentations: (Nadica Misheska) Chamber of Trade Surveying Companies
   National Presentations: (Boris Chetverikov) General Assembly of CLGE 2021 in Ukraine
   Workshops: Condominium regulation in France
   Workshops: The Economic and Juridical Role of Land Registration
   Workshops: (Branislav Droščák) EUPOS – European Position Determination System Initiative
   Workshops: (Gabriele Ruggiero) Pix4D – Surveying & Mapping
   Workshops: Sofia General Assembly Workshop on Strategy

CLGE IG-PARLS Members Meeting in Copenhagen (DK)

   CLGE – IG-PARLS Members Meeting Agenda

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